I-stay@home platform - Functions: My Services


Since the primary aim for the I-stay@home platform was to integrate external services into one user interface to deliver the same look and feel and to facilitate the use of ICT for the elderly people, four products and services from the fields of health monitoring, security, comfort and energy consumption were integrated into the platform. Additionally, a small entertainment section was added, leading to web radio services and a link to the I-stay@home product catalogue for information on further products and services on the market. 

All services

My services

Participants had to subscribe to the services they were actually using in advance of using them to avoid excess, useless information on the users’ interfaces. Often, the housing organisation as service provider managed this process in advance of introducing the platform to the user.


My services

Integrated services


As examples, here are examples from the integrated products:

Withings Products:

Weight Scale, Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Monitor

Smart Body Analyzer

Each box shows:

Smart Body Analyzer Weight

Intent Technologies Product:

Energy Coach

With this product the user can access different information concerning the energy consumption of his dwelling such as general electricity consumption in kWh, general water consumption in m3, general heating consumption in kWh and dwelling temperature in °C.

Energy Coach

Vivago Products:

Watch Alarm & Activity Sensor

The VIVAGO wrist watch measures activity and sleep data of the user which can then be monitored on the I-stay@home platform.


Measures for the activity data are shown through graphics, as follows:

Vivago graph

SOPHIA Product:


SOPHITAL® is a tool with various possible functions for support at home. It is for instance possible to switch lights and outlets on or off directly from bed, or to turn everything off when leaving the home. It can also measure the user’s health or activity within the dwelling if desired. To increase security, it is also possible to send an email or emergency call via SOPHITAL® in order to get help when necessary.

In its comfort version, SOPHITAL® offers a web access, which could be integrated into the I-stay@home platform as follows: