I-stay@home platform - Functions: My Demands


Under “My demands” it is possible to enter demands in a very structured way, following a clear path to facilitate use. For the testing purpose, the demands structure was focused on the products that were tested. Each HO (as service provider for the duration of the project) could manage this section itself and enter only those products that were actually used by their test participants in order to minimise confusion and facilitate use.


Add a new demand

The entry process for adding a new demand is divided into two steps. First a category has to be selected from the displayed list box.

New Demand

After selecting a category, the new demand can be entered and sent to the service provider.

Add a demand

Upon receiving a demand or request an automatic e-mail is issued which informs the housing organisation about the new demand.


My demands

After having entered one or more demands, the user can have an overview of his submitted demands. At this level, he can also view replies from the service provider and monitor the status of any request.

My Demands

During the testing phase, it turned out that many users were interested in this function, but preferred to call the service provider directly in case of a malfunction instead of submitting the demand through the platform. For them, calling was just the quicker and easier way.