Stichting Woningbeheer Betuwe


SWB headquarters
SWB headquarters in Lienden, Netherlands  
SWB (translation: property management Betuwe foundation) is a company that provides social housing since 1974. We work within two municipalities in the region that is called the Betuwe, a relatively rural area in the province Gelderland. We have 3.800 dwellings (75% family homes and 25% apartments or housing for elderly ) and 25 business properties. SWB has 50 employees.

SWB provides more than dwellings only. We develop business property from where we (and our partners) provide additional services to our tenants such as care services, welfare activities and meeting facilities. We prefer to call ourselves a company for living instead of housing.

Our main targets for the coming years:
  • Reduce energy consumption in our dwellings
  • Facilitate elderly people and care recipients to stay at home as long as possible.

Our contribution to the project

We are a small local embedded organization. We know a lot of our tenants personally, this means we expect to find volunteers without too many problems. We are able to have close contact while testing the ICT-solutions.

Also we have experience with the development of dwellings and concepts for elderly and care recipients, including preparation for ICT-based technology. This experience we can share within I-Stay@Home.

Last but not least we have close contact with healthcare institutions and organizations that provide welfare services. We will involve them in this project. Together we can decide which services we can connect with or into the ICT-solutions.


Stichting Woningbeheer Betuwe

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