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De ideale Woning headquarters
De Ideale Woning headquarters in Berchem, Belgium
De Ideale Woning is a social housing company in Antwerp, Belgium and was founded in 1920. From these early days on, our goal has always been to provide high quality homes for families, singles and elderly in a healthy environment at an affordable price.

Today, we manage more than 5.600 houses and appartments. Every year 150 to 200 new housing units are added to our housing stock. We also invest strongly in the modernisation and renovation of our older properties. De Ideale Woning covers 22 communities in the Antwerp-region, including the town of Antwerp.

43 employees work daily at De Ideale Woning to achieve our goals.
Recently we expanded our activities to the private real estate market, developping affordable dwellings outside the social housing targetgroup. 

Our contribution to I-stay@home

De Ideale Woning has always had a pioneering role in projects combining housing and care. We are now taking part in two pilotprojects supported by the housing and care department of the Flemish government. We will exchange our experiences and best practices with our “I-stay@home” partners. Together we want to explore what our role as a social housing company can be in supporting our elderly tennants to live indepentenly as long as possible and which methods and measures, supported by ICT, are most efficient and affordable, both for us as for our tennants.

de ideale woning

De Ideale Woning

Diksmuidelaan 276
2600 Berchem

Tel.: +32 3 320 29 70
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