Joseph-Stiftung headquarters
Headquarters in Bamberg
In 1948 the archbishop of Bamberg founded the company with the purpose to give homes especially to numerous expellees, refugees and bombed out people who came to his diocese after the Second World War. The Joseph-Stiftung’s headquarter is still in Bamberg, but due to the strategic orientation, we work throughout the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region, Regensburg and Saxony.

The archbishop’s concept of low priced rental apartments was just the basis: Only short time later, the Joseph-Stiftung also offered condominiums and family homes.

Today, we additionally:

  • Develop urban-planning concepts
  • Develop new living areas
  • Put emphasis on creativity
  • Work environmentally friendly and sustainable

Concerning the three business domains of the Joseph-Stiftung “living, building and administration”, we developed about 15 shareholdings and subsidiaries in terms of the housing industry and housing services as well as five rendered services.

The company’s own stock contains about 4.000 rental apartments, 1.600 student apartments and more than 60 industrial objects, employing 185 people.

Our contribution as lead partner

Since the Joseph-Stiftung faces the same risks and opportunities due to demographic change and the aging society as almost every housing organization, we try to act before the problems will affect us severely. Therefore we already took part in several research and development projects on national scale – also being lead partner before.

One of our most successful projects resulted in the foundation of SOPHIA living network GmbH, which is proof that investing in social projects can be highly beneficial and guarantee sustainable success in the housing industry. Hence, especially in the field of ambient assisted living, we will be happy to send our well skilled and experienced employees as flying experts all over Europe.

In terms of transnational co operations, we contribute our experiences from the participation in the EU–subsidized project ICE-WISH, which has a similar approach as I-stay@home but is focused on the energy metering aspect. On the product side we are able to offer a useful tenant structure to be supported with innovative technical equipment that will be supplied by our partners.


Kirchliches Wohnungsunternehmen

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