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Habinteg is a leading national provider of affordable accessible homes and support services throughout England and in Wales. We champion inclusion by providing sustainable neighbourhoods of Lifetime Homes and wheelchair standard properties for disabled and non-disabled people to share and enjoy. We use our expertise to challenge negative social attitudes, promote the rights of disabled people, improve accessibility standards within housing and remove social barriers for disabled people.

Since 1970, our thoughtful designs and on-site support have enabled tenants to achieve and sustain independent living. Habinteg has over 3,400 homes across 81 local authorities. One in three of our properties are designed specifically for wheelchair users, and the majority of our general needs homes have been built to an accessible or Lifetime Homes Standard. 

Our contribution to the project

The UK has an advanced ICT sector and many technological applications that are immediately relevant to the project. A central issue is to work out how different ICT systems and devices within the home can interact smoothly and effectively with each other and with traditional personal and health care services. One of the main aims of the project, from Habinteg’s perspective, is to gain a better understanding of the optimal mix of technology and staff support required by older and disabled tenants who require assistance to maintain their independence at home. The comparison with systems in other NWE countries should add to our knowledge in this area and give Habinteg a good overview of the issues facing tenants and social housing providers.  

Assistive technology is a fast moving area and it is not easy for housing providers to make judgements about the available options and types of solutions. The project will offer an appraisal of different products and approaches, including the central perspective of tenants and informal carers. The appraisal will cover a range of factors, including ease of use, practicality, cost, reliability, acceptability and the effect on individual capacity to maintain independence and social contact. It will consider which devices and user channels are most appropriate for older and disabled people, taking account of their age, physical abilities, dexterity, memory, vision, hearing etc. The project results should enable social housing providers to make better-informed decisions about their investment in ICT and the advice they already offer, or may decide to offer, to their tenants.

The project will give Habinteg the opportunity to expand its expertise and knowledge in the emerging area of technological support to tenants. This will put the association in a position to offer advice to other social housing providers, to tenants and to disabled and older people and their families and the sector as a whole.  Habinteg wants to utilise these technologies in designing new housing and support services for the future, with the aim of assisting tenants to maintain, regain or improve their quality of life.


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