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Smart Homes is the (inter)national expertise centre on Home Automation & Smart Living.

From 1993 on, we have been involved in the development of smart, understandable and accessible technological solutions and services for the personal environment. With the increasing emphasis on home automation, this will be a daily reality for an increasing number of people. For those who really want to apply home automation in their home, housing environment or care environment, often awaits a long search for a correct implementation. In addition, they get to deal with a large number of parties with diverse needs, requirements, and interests.

Smart Homes brings together supply and demand in home automation. While doing so, we function as a central contact point for professional contractors, government organisations, service providers, and individual consumers. To be able to fulfil this role, we are continuously developing, gathering, and disseminating our acquired knowledge and experience. Today, we employ 15 people.

Our contribution to the project

With our expertise we will make our contribution to the identification of the products to be implemented on the IT-platform especially regarding the requirements of the tenants, since this is our daily business.

Smart Homes

Smart Homes

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