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EBZ premises Bochum, Germany

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Company characteristics:

Foundation date: 2008

Number of employees: 26 employees,13 of whom are fulltime professors, 4 further professorships are advertised
Number of students (Summer 2012): 412

The EBZ Business School is a state-recognized university based in Bochum. It is supported by the "Europäischen Bildungszentrum der Wohnungs- und Immobilienwirtschaft" the European educational and training institution of the Housing and Real Estate Industry (in short called EBZ).  
As the biggest institution in Germany the EBZ provides a wide range of seminars and courses and has more than 50 years experience in the business.

The EBZ Business School offers three action-oriented study courses:
  • Business Administration (B.A.),
  • Real Estate (B.A.) and
  • Real Estate Management (M.A.), 
All three of which can be studied parallel to the job or educational training. A Master study course in Project Development is being accredited.

Flexible time models for the study courses are characteristics of the EBZ Business School. These flexible time models offer the possibility to study parallel to your job or your educational training. Also it offers a broad variety of teaching and learning methods.

The "InWIS Gmbh" is an affiliated research institute of the EBZ Business School with currently 19 scientific employees. With many years of experience the InWIS Institute does qualified and acknowledged research. The vice-president research is also a member of the board of management of the InWIS, all professors of the Business School are automatically members of the Board of Directors.

Our contribution to the project

The EBZ Business School will take over the scientific monitoring of the project.
It (EBZ Business School) provides interdisciplinary scientific research to provide information on the topics of usability, user interfaces and acceptance. Furthermore it will research the topic of economics by scanning existing research results and literature, serve as consultants to the project partners (“flying experts”’), monitor the process during the implementation of the project and analyse and evaluate the systems or prototypes when they have been implemented.

EBZ business school

Location of headquarter:

Springorumallee 20
44795 Bochum

Alexandra Preuschoff
Tel: +49 234 9447 700
Fax: +49 234 9447 777
E-Mail: a.preuschoff@ebz-bs.de


Prof. Dr. Volker Eichener
Tel: +49 234 9447 710
Fax: +49 234 9447 777
E-Mail: v.eichener@ebz-bs.de