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Aareon headquarters
Aareon headquarters

Aareon AG, founded in 1957, is Europe's leading consultancy and systems house for the property sector. The business activities focus on optimising the IT-supported business processes of property companies. The company´s range of products and services comprises consultancy, software and services.
More than 50,000 users throughout Europe use Aareon systems to manage over 9.5 million rental units.

Aareon has offices in 20 locations (10 of them in Germany). Apart from Germany, Aareon AG is also represented in France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Aareon AG employs about 1.100 people, 30% of whom work outside of Germany. In 2011 the sales were about € 159,5 million (EBIT: € 25,1 million)

Products and services:

  • ERP systems: Wodis and the new product generation Wodis Sigma, SAP®-based solutions such as Blue Eagle, GES, WohnData as well as systems of the international subsidiaries
  • Integrated Services: e.g. Mareon service portal, Aareon DMS, document management systemConsulting: ERP, SAP®, IT and process consulting
  • Software development, customizing and implementing IT solutions
  • ASP (Application Service Providing), hosting, in-house
  • Training
  • Support

Our contribution to the project:

Since Aareon was founded as a computer center in 1957 the company has continuously expanded and today we have good reason to be the leading consultancy and systems house for property management. Aareon’s systems are employed by more than 50,000 users who manage over 9.5 million rental units all over Europe (France, Germany, UK and in the Netherlands), especially in the social housing sector. Aareon offers a wide range of ERP systems and integrated services through different technical solutions and platforms.

Aareon France the French subsidiary of Aareon AG will coordinate all activities for Aareon group regarding this European initiative and will provide a platform based on a concept called Flexiciel. It is an open source technologies based platform using LAMP technologies allowing developing internet solutions based on the User Experience method (UX) in the GUI (Graphical User Interface) design.

This platform will serve as the basis for the integration of existing best practices and be open for further findings. This Platform will include a Content Management System (CMS) helping to implement the Best Practices through wiki software. PHP based services can also be developed within this platform. Applications based on this platform would be easy in use, flexible, multilingual.

External services developed by other partners would be integrated using a standard protocol based on web services.

Aareon AG

Aareon AG

Isaac-Fulda-Allee 6
55124 Mainz

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Toll-free number (within Germany):
08000-AAREON (08000 - 227 366)

Headquarters France:
Aareon France

9/11 rue Jeanne Braconnier
92360 Meudon la forêt

Tel:   +33 1 45 30 92 30
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